Citi Bike Flash Poll #2: How far do you walk in search of Citi B

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Question - Not Required - After you encounter an empty Citi Bike station, how far do you typically walk before finding an available Citi Bike?

Question - Not Required - When you encounter a full Citi Bike station, how far do you typically have to ride to find an available dock to return your Citi Bike?

Question - Not Required - On which of the follow major streets (in the current Citi Bike service area) would you most like to see a protected bike lane installed?

Question - Not Required - Citi Bike riders cite parking in the bike lane as the most important traffic violation for the NYPD to enforce. Which of the following do you think is most likely to deter drivers from double parking in the bike lane?

Question - Not Required - Ninety-one percent of Citi Bike riders want to see Citi Bike expanded. Currently, Citibank (Citi Bike's sponsor) is offering no additional funding to expand the system. Would you support the City using federal funding to expand Citi Bike to more neighborhoods in the coming years?

Question - Not Required - When there is no bike lane on a one-way street, do you ride on the left or right side of the street?


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